• preparing 228Th source
  • fission detector
  • Working in clean room
  • preparing to move
  • 18O experiment, PTB, Germany

Friedman Lab - Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics

Stars are the universe’s most active nuclear laboratories, and considered amongst the most interesting sites for the forefront of modern nuclear physics. The study of nuclear processes in stars and other astrophysical scenarios is called Nuclear Astrophysics, and it is at the heart of our research activities. In particular, we are studying nucleosynthesis (the creation and destruction) of unstable, proton-rich nuclei in explosive scenarios such as novae and supernovae. Experimental studies of nuclear reactions on unstable nuclei are extremely challenging, and require creativity, determination, and the use of cutting-edge experimental techniques. Our lab is closely collaborating with leading groups around the globe, and the experiments are often performed in particle accelerators in Israel and abroad.